Circles Fresno


Circles® Fresno Inc. is the 80th Chapter of Circles®USA.  The Circles® approach is an innovative campaign to uplift low-income families out of poverty and change the structures that hold people back. Circles enables families who are hardworking, but struggling financially, by connecting them with a network of resources such as positive role models, money management workshops and job training.

Circles Fresno’s main mission is helping families move out of poverty and into a healthy, new future. Circles works, and demand for more Circle groups is growing.

Circles® can provide solid, experience–based information to human service agencies and legislators that can help change the face of poverty in Fresno and the U.S.A.

The Circles® approach is a progressive research-based model that suggests low- income families must have strong social support and connections with their communities in order to beat poverty.