A Proven Model

Circles brings people together, helping communities and individuals thrive. Here, Lanae, a Circles Leader takes moment to have some fun with her Allies.
Our Method and Model: Scott Miller, CEO, Circles USA discovered twenty years ago that a different approach is required to solve the issue of poverty.  The solution doesn’t have to be complicated but it has to be personal. It has to be addressed with a multi-dimensional method that adds relationships and personal support. Our method has impacted thousands of individuals throughout North America. Here’s how it works:





  • Implementation begins with a collaborative approach to partner and build on the strengths of existing community-based organizations.
  • The model focuses on three stages: Crisis management and stabilization; education, job placement and job retention; advancement and economic stability.
  • Participants (called Circle Leaders) are enrolled in the Circles Leadership Training Class to build financial, emotional and social resources as well as an Economic Stability Plan.
  • Circle Leaders are matched with trained middle- to high-income community volunteers, called Allies, who support, network, listen and guide them in achieving their life goals.
  • Circle Leaders form a Circle of Support with their Allies and attend weekly community meetings for activities, sharing and support.
  • Meetings include goal-directed activities as well as Big View discussions about the systemic barriers to escaping poverty and the strategies needed to remove them.